Hi, I'm Kent

an experienced creative director in fashion retail and tech. This is my story:

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The Beginning (sort of)

Nordstrom • 2005-2011

I worked in packaging and sporting goods for a number of years, but my career started to really gain traction when I joined Nordstrom. I got my foot in the door with a 6 month front-end developer contract and was soon converted to full-time. I moved to the digital creative team where I used my design, development, and animation skills to create interactive experiences and digital marketing assets for seasonal campaigns and partnerships with brands like Disney, Paramount Pictures, and Michael Bublé.


Fashion Continued

Coldwater Creek • 2011-2014
Justice • 2014-2016
Express • 2016-2018

All told I spent over 12 years in fashion retail. I utilized my unique skill set to build and lead digital creative teams integrating them deeper into campaign development. By leveraging my team's expertise early we were able to develop more robust omni-channel creative strategies that delivered a more cohesive story to our customers. I focused on leveraging technology to bring the customer experience to life – partnering with dev and analytics to identify ways of improving our existing experience and finding new ways to surprise and delight our customers.


A Journey Into Tech

Chegg • 2018-2022

In 2018 I joined Chegg as the Brand Creative Director. During my 4 years at Chegg I reported directly to the CMO and grew the internal creative team from 3 full-time employees to over 20 designers, copywriters, motion-designers, and design strategists. I oversaw 2 major rebranding initiatives, managed several outside agencies, and guided the growth of the managers and individual contributors on my team. I focused on new processes and technologies that would unlock our ability to automate work, segment and personalize our creative, and tackle an aggressive international expansion. I coached my team to recognize the importance of understanding the business while developing creative strategies that moved the needle.


Present Day

Evernote • 2022-2023

In 2022 I joined Evernote as the ACD leading brand design. This move afforded me so many exciting opportunities. I was able to dedicate myself to a smaller team laser-focused on design. It was also an opportunity to work under a CD with a truly impressive copy background hellbent on crafting refined and strategic narratives. I mentored an extremely talented team while personally tackling initiatives that improved our efficiency and expanded our creative toolbox.

My Work